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About Us

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Our History

We had a vision. A very clear vision.

It inspired us to create TruVision Readers. We recognized that people were tired of over-priced, poor-quality,

unstylish frames for reading glasses.

So we moved in to meet this need… big time!

We vow to make TruVision Readers better in every way.

We're building a company that you can trust to deliver peerless products and exceptional value. With us, you'll

always be in the most competent hands.

Let us hear from you today!

We'd love the chance to show you how we can help you meet the challenge of getting exactly the right reading

glasses for your needs and tastes. To learn more, click here.

We look forward to serving you!

Value is only the beginning

Amazing designs, unsurpassed quality and unbeatable savings!

We know what you demand: supremely stylish, ergonomically-crafted reading glasses of long-lasting, durable

quality. All at a price that's highly affordable!

What's more, we know you want to be able to wear your glasses with confidence and pride, whether you're at

the office, home in bed reading, out at a restaurant or wherever. Looking great matters!

You also want those glasses to fit comfortably– guaranteed!


It used to be that reading glasses were in your future. That future is now.

In most cases, simple aging creates the need to get reading glasses.

As you pass age 40, your eyes begin to lose the flexibility needed to focus close up. Unfortunately, there's no

diet, set of exercises or magic medical pills that can reverse that.

Since It's an inevitable part of aging, the sooner you recognize your need for reading glasses, the sooner you

can start actually reading again–comfortably!

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