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Computer Glasses: What They Do

Reading on a desktop computer, tablet or cell phone for most of us is a daily 

occurrence. Many of us spend most of the waking day at a computer and when not 

behind the desk or watching the TV set, we hit the cell phone for everything from 

restaurants, directions, to looking through our contacts on our Smartphones to find 

telephone numbers. We aren't using these devices less, in fact, we are using them 

much more. Studies show that over 62% of mail, web page and app usage is done 

over our smartphones, and according to PewInternet, that figure is increasing daily.

Now we have to look at tiny screens, or from our chairs at a distance to our 

desk monitors that cause eye strain, effect our posture and cause those 

aches and pains because we have to adjust so we can see the screen. 

These problems can be very difficult including having to go to 

the chiropractor, or see a doctor for cortisone shots! You find yourself leaning 

forward to see better, or pulling the monitor (if that can be done) towards you 

in order to see clearly. Given a certain length of time,you may even end up 

with CSV or Computer Vision Syndrome.

CVS can happen to any age group, from children to adults over 60 and is noted by 

blurred vision while using your computer. Your eyes have increasing difficulty adjusting 

and focusing on the computer and going from a paper or desk drawer and back to the 

monitor again- then you hit the screen for hours more, either while gaming, social 

comments, research or looking at the news. At work, our focus is greatly intensified as 

we try to complete our tasks with only a few breaks during the day.

What Computer Glasses Do:

Woman in shoulder painWhat computer glasses do for you is they reduce the risk of eyestrain, fatigue and 

posture adjustments that are so common for people in today's workplace and at 

home, while trying to look at the computer. You are subjecting yourself unnecessarily 

to these harmful effects when all you have to do to is make it a habit to keep a pair of 

computer glasses by your desk at home and at work- if you look at the computer while 

on the sofa, then you can keep a pair there, at the ready, as well. Frankly, some have 

written that the screens don't effect your eyes, but have you noticed they keep getting 

brighter? It isn't as expensive as you may think- if you want to pay more for a pair, 

there's always someone selling something for as much as you would like to pay, but for quality computer reading glasses you 

don't have to pay $100, in fact, we sell them at TruVisionReaders.com© for less than $20 a pair. Wearing computer glasses is 

a good idea for those who use bifocals or people that use progressive lenses, as both types of 

these lenses are not usually good for looking at a computer.

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